Johnny Eliades Power Up your Greatness – 1 Day Seminar

R3,800.00 excl. VAT

With great success, we have started and grown Power Up groups in different cities around South Africa, and we have received many success stories from the attendees.
Taking YOU, your TEAM and YOUR BUSINESS beyond Expectation!
Now, what is Power Up about? It is all about discovering your Greatness and conditioning yourself to succeed. It is what I am committed to do, all over the world; I am committed to helping people find their true self and live the life of their dreams.
We tackle different topics and challenge the attendees to think about their lives – if they are living to their full potential and/or purpose; if they are settling and if their businesses are performing as well or great as it should be.
1-Day Seminar:
• Are you living the life you want?
• Does your bank balance reflect your work?
• How important is your family to you? Does it reflect in your time with them?
• Are you settling in your life? Or this is the best you can do?
• Is your business as great as you want it to be?



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