IE Leadership – 1 Day Seminar


Everything you do, is to position yourself as a company South Africans can trust. Your company’s focus remains consistent: a true commitment to provide unwavering service, quality products, fresh seasonal produce and a passion for the people who are at the core of your success. This is the passion that Johnny will remind your team of and instil in their minds.
Why this is important? The foundation of team empowerment is the vision that the organisation wants to achieve. The priority is getting the right people on the bus and working towards one objective.
Your organisation wants to create wealth, provide excellent service, have better time management, and develop in the team the necessary skills for success. It is possible to change your team and
Taking YOU, your TEAM and YOUR BUSINESS beyond Expectation!
organisation by teaching the individuals how to tap into their inner strength, take positive action, and make quality decisions.
Johnny will challenge and support your team in discovering their greatness and obtaining the results they deserve in the workplace.
1-Day Seminar:
What this course will cover:
• What is leadership?
• How to develop leadership
• What is the difference between leadership and management?
• How do you get the right team?
• How do you grow and develop people?
• How do you put people in great positions within a company?
If an organisation can empower its team to achieve their own and the company’s vision, there will be perfect alignment between employer and employee. This alignment will make the organisation more profitable, as the people that work there are passionate about what they do. This will also show that your company is not only about their own vision but also their people’s vision.



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