bugatti-chiron-and-private-jet-gu Johnny Eliades
Success strategist
& business coach
You want to create wealth, have a balanced life, better time management
and have the necessary skills for success. It is possible to change your life
by learning how to tap into your inner strength take positive action
and make quality decisions.
andrea-natali-otjiUhq5Zcw-unsplash Empowerment Coach, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur
Peak Performance Coach and John Maxwell Certified Coach, Johnny Eliades will empower you
with principles on how you can develop the skills for success.
Empowerment coach
humphrey-muleba-hGj9_mK3QyA-unsplash Peak Performance Coach You will learn principles that will empower you to take positive action in all the important areas of your life.
(Personal empowerment, business success, financial success andhealth & wellness).
Business program

Business program

Five Day Seminar

 This is high energy intense training.  No holding back – come prepared!

Power Up Your Greatness

Power Up Your Greatness

You have what it takes to be Great

With great success we have started and grown Power Up Groups in different cities all over South Africa.

Leadership program

Leadership program

One Day Seminar

How many times have you thought the following thoughts?

BE Empowered

BE Empowered

Empower The People & Empower The Nation

In this educational, thought provoking, and empowering course, Johnny covers the following topics

Financial program

Financial program

Mastering Your Financial Freedom

I believe that success leaves clues.  Therefore I go to seminars and learn from the best people in the world.

Pyramid of Success

Pyramid of Success

Inspiring, Passion, Success

“You already have what it takes, now get what you want!” -Johnny Eliades


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Johnny Eliades

Give first receive later! 

You cannot give what you don’t possess.  Receiving before giving equates to self imposed entitlement.  Are you ready to give?Grow yourself everyday, in order to give to others in the form of  value. Giving before receiving positions you in a place of contribution and value.

That gives your life meaning and abundance. Read This

Work Hard With Purpose

There is a general consensus that if you keep working hard you will become successful, people believe that putting in the effort and the long hours is enough to place them where they want to be.It is imperative to keep going back to the drawing board to ensure that what is being done is in par with the vision,

and that the strategy we have put in place is still being executed. Read Now

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Momentum is power: You will take bold, informed action to achieve your results. Johnny will empower you and hold you accountable, as a friend, someone who understands your ultimate goal and purpose. Once you have committed, Johnny will measure, monitor, manage and hold you accountable. He will be there to support you through the journey, the hardship and the struggles to ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take consistent action to attain the results you want.

The Johnny Eliades Coaching program is based on the teachings of the best coaches and mentors in the world.

COACHING –  Coaching program is designed to empower you with the belief in your greatness.

STRATEGY- You will take bold, informed action to achieve your results.

ACCOUNTABILITY-There is a general consensus that if you keep working hard you will become successful,