Thought for 2015

Dear Friends,

As a parent, I am so grateful to be blessed with the gift of a child.  I have come to realized that being grateful for my child is about me, but the responsibility of having a child is about the gift given to me by a higher power.  At times I don’t understand why I have been blessed with this child, because I have known of situations where a child has been taken before their time or a parent has not even had an opportunity to shape the life of their child.  I have realized that I am too small to understand this.  So what I have to do is the best I can under the circumstances that the universe has blessed me with.

What I have realized is that, in all the things I don’t understand, there is an empowering meaning and it is my responsibility to discover it, to acknowledge it and live it. It is my responsibility to condition my child for the best possible life.  I think this is all about my child but I have realized that it is more about me.  My words have an effect on my child but nothing as powerful and life changing as my conduct, my action and the constancy in my discipline.  If I invest in myself, I in turn invest in my child as I can add more value.
My child will be conditioned and therefore influenced by who I am and how I respond to life.  As I was conditioned by my parents, so will I condition my child and then they will go on to do the same in their family.  We all know we are not perfect, as perfect parents do not exist.  But if we do not invest in ourselves to seek out ways to improve ourselves, from people who have shown the results that you seek for yourself and your children, then the pattern of conditioning for generations will never be broken.  You only know what you have been conditioned to, by the exposure and repetition of that conditioning that we experience through our childhood from our parents.  All this is developed through your decisions that you make on a daily basis.
So decide today to invest in yourself in order to invest in your child’s future, because as you develop through being an example and conditioning your child, you are developing your grandchildren.  What that means is that your conduct is developing the future world we live in.  Be the parent you want your children to be tomorrow and for that to happen you got to make present time for your children today and every day.

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