Johnny Eliades WithinTime

1 Day Seminar

High Energy, Full of Power, and Life Changing!


Johnny Eliades will empower you by getting you to master your time. Have you had those times you work so hard but you feel that you are not achieving anything?
Time is the most precious commodity you have. It is the one thing you can never get back and it is the great equalizer among us all.
Don’t you deserve to live with the absolute certainty you’re getting the most from each moment?

What You Will Learn:

Your focus will be on the results that produce both achievement and fulfillment.You will learn to tap into your purpose or emotional drive for the leverage you need to follow through and achieve your plan, instead of just writing it down,it will guide you in creating a specific massive action plan where fulfillment becomes not simply a goal, but the experience of your life journey, with consistent use, the Within Time Management program will empower you to manage your time and consciously sculpt your life into the masterpiece that you deserve.Working harder is not the answer. It’s time to put your life to work for you at a whole new level