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Give First, Receive Later!

You cannot give what you don’t possess.  Receiving before giving equates to self imposed entitlement.  Are you ready to give? Grow yourself everyday, in order to give to others in the form of  value.  Giving before receiving positions you in a place of contribution and value.

That gives your life meaning and abundance.

Be willing To adapt To Change.

Sometimes our current situation is so bad we hope for change, sometimes things are so great we hope they never change.  However, change is inevitable, whether we welcome it or not, change always happens. What we should focus on is not “if” things are going to change, because that one is a given, but rather on how to welcome the change when it happens. People often fear change, they fear change in their personal life or change in the business, this response seldom produces any good fruits.  Learn to welcome change and make it work for you.  Frequently life, society or the economy throws a surprise curve ball at us, when that happens what do you do?  Do you run away from the sudden change?  Do you stick to your old rituals and hope they still work?  That hardly ever works. “There is no right or wrong in life, there is what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.” Johnny Eliades
 Aligning yourself with your greatness means noting change and adjusting to it, it means being able to direct change and making it work for you.  If your business is suddenly not making profit, go back to your drawing board, look at the “why” look at what has changed and adapt to the change.  The principle of adapting to change applies to all aspects of human life, personal, work, social, these all change at some point.  Rejecting change is self-crippling, embrace the change and make it work for you. Never let your circumstances cripple your life.

The Courage Of A Leader

There are various types of leadership styles, however, all leaders have one trait in common, and that is COURAGE.  Leadership entails accepting risks and having the courage to lead the way even when the road ahead is not so rosy. Leaders are visionaries who believe in the possibility of things that seem impossible and unattainable to others.  Leadership in the actual sense is walking ahead of everything and anyone else, this road can be a lonely one. Due to this, the courage of a leader lies on the team behind him, the team encourages the leader, inspires him and supports his journey.  At times, the team will not fully understand the leader’s techniques, but when a team trusts the leader’s vision, intentions and abilities, they support him nonetheless. The conviction that the leader is serving them and putting them first heartens them to support him and be willing to go to great extents to make the vision a reality.   What kind of team do you have behind you?

Work Hard With Purpose

There is a general consensus that if you keep working hard you will become successful, people believe that putting in the effort and the long hours is enough to place them where they want to be. However, doing all the work with no vision or strategy will not yield results.  Often, people become so occupied and busy, working very hard yet remaining unhappy and broke, this is the case when people just “do” to keep busy. Sometimes we get so busy and consumed by our hard work that we lose sight of what we are doing and why we are doing it.  It is therefore imperative to keep going back to the drawing board to ensure that what is being done is in par with the vision, and that the strategy we have put in place is still being executed. In business, sometimes the result of your labour will not be marked by the amount of money you make, a successful business needs additional assistant support such as exposure, client base and reputation.
Working hard to build these is never in vain.  Hard work is encouraged, but hard work must be well directed in order to be meaningful.

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