Johnny Eliades is a success strategist and over the last 25 years his great passions have been People, Numbers and Business. Johnny is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, teaching, coaching and empowering people to build great businesses.

Johnny started these mastermind group sessions in 2021, and the mission behind it is to bring a group of 20 to 30 individuals and business owners in South Africa – from different industries and businesses to network, brainstorm and share ideas. Johnny will also bring topics to the table on how to build your businesses’ momentum.

Now, on the first Power Up Breakfast session that was held on the 15th of February 2021 at the Mediterranean Wine n Grill in Welkom, he spoke about what to do when you are faced with challenges in business, your mindset and your emotional strength.

There is a saying that says “you have to be at the right place, at the right time” for opportunities, however Johnny believes that is absurd, because if you are not in the right frame of mind, then that opportunity will not even matter. Being in the right frame of mind and having the right mindset is of utmost importance, in business.

How do you build a business, when you are faced with many challenges?

By getting a skill set, the right team and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Building a business is a process that takes time and a lot of patience. You need to have the will to go on, even when faced with challenges. Face those challenges head on. There is always a solution, whether positive or negative – there is always a solution.

When you have something to lose, that is when you perform most or better. Being in your comfort zone does not and will never produce any growth – both personally and in business. Challenges make you uncomfortable, they make you feel uneasy – they push you to take action. Challenges should motivate you. How you deal with challenges will show your character, it will show the person that you are.

Johnny also spoke about knowing and facing your reality. If you do not face your reality, how will you deal with it? Do not ignore things and hope they will go away. However, sometimes we make our situation worse than it really is. Your subconscious will tell you have problems and make you see problems everywhere, even when there are not. More often than not, that happens because of our mindset, because when you keep thinking of problems, even when there are not there – you will end up attracting them. So, be careful when faced with a negative situation or problem, that you become mindful and aware that it is not the be-all and end-all – the situation can and will change, dependent on your actions and mindset.

Your life changes when you start taking responsibility and not participating in the blame game. Understand the reality of the challenge, call it as it is – do not make it worse than it is. Be honest with your problem.

Now, your emotional strength. Do you have emotional strength? How is your EQ? You need to grow and build your emotional strength – you need to work that muscle, by showing gratitude and not complaining. Practice emotional strength or you will be in the hands of everyone, because you will allow yourself to get and be affected by everything that is happening around you.

Johnny created these mastermind sessions to be a safe creative space for like-minded business people. He created them to develop, motivate and encourage you; to remind you that you can go beyond your limitations and challenges. To share ideas, that might turn your entire business and life around. And it might not always be what Johnny said that day, but what one of you said.

One interaction, one idea can change and turn your business around. These interactions can turn strangers into strong client or business relationships.

Join Johnny every month in this great networking opportunity and meet up with like-minded people. Let’s Power Up our businesses

Power Up Your Greatness!

Johnny wants to take these sessions around South Africa, so if you are a restaurant owner in South Africa and would like to partner up with Johnny in hosting these sessions, please do contact Johnny at or

The next mastermind session is on the 8th of April 2021, at The Mediterranean Wine & Grill in Welkom – R150pp. You can find the other dates under the Events – calendar tab on the website.

See you at the TOP!
Johnny Eliades, Success Strategist