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Many times I’ve said that you have to have a mission, you have to have a purpose, you have to have the right organisational culture.  All these things are very important but if a company doesn’t have that, it means the leadership is not putting that in place.

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This business programme will change your life.  If you want to reach the top, join the I E Business Academy today! Not only do you need the practical and financial skills, you also have to learn to tap into your own greatness and build up emotional strength.


With great success we have started and grown Power Up Groups in different cities all over South Africa. And we have many success stories coming out of these groups. So what is Power Up about? It is all about discovering your Greatness and conditioning yourself to succeed.


I believe that success leaves clues.  Therefore I go to seminars and learn from the best people in the world. The question is: who is living the life of your dreams and what are they doing that you are not?  If you are doing what they are doing, you should get the same results.


In this educational, thought provoking, and empowering course, here are a few of the topics Johnny covers: Introduction to BEE, Different categories of business, Ownership, Management, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement etc and more.


Time is the most precious commodity you have. It is the one thing you can never get back and it is the great equalizer among us all. Johnny Eliades will empower you by getting you to master your time.  Get the most out of your day!


The nine skills of success


9 skills to achieve the the success you’ve always wanted.


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Success Strategist

You want to create wealth, have a balanced life, better time management, and have the necessary skills for success. It is possible to change your life by learning how to tap into your inner strength, take positive action, and make quality decisions.

Empowerment coach, Business coach, Motivational speaker, Serial entrepreneur, Peak performance coach and John Maxwell Certified Coach, Johnny Eliades will empower you with principles on how you can develop the skills for success.


Johnny Eliades was mentored and coached by the most influential leadership coaches in the world.

Left: Brendon Burchard with Johnny Eliades



Great minds working together to inspire and empower greatness and success to all who are searching.

Left: Dr Demartini with Johnny Eliades